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We’re glad you stopped by. We think we know why you’re here. Not to worry! With nearly 10 years of industry experience and decades of business expertise, we provide expert consultation services to cannabis entrepreneurs throughout the US. From opening and licensing your business, to hiring qualified personnel, to daily operations and compliance management, we help you get started right or get on track and capitalize on the smartest opportunities.

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We’re experts in the cannabis industry. We know how to quickly determine your needs and help you find success, in these areas and more…


We provide the most extensive compliance consultation services available.


The McCurdy Group brings over 35 years of combined operations experience to your business.


We'll help you identify, vet, and capitalize on your top opportunities for growth, in your market.


Our in-house CFO will help build processes to ensure security, accuracy, and efficiency.

Inventory Control

Our proprietary, comprehensive retail inventory control system is second to none.

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The Challenge

The challenge lies in the unique characteristics of the cannabis industry. We often see professionals with an abundance of business knowledge struggle with the cannabis business, because they didn’t expect the industry to be so different from everything else. But it is.

And if you enter the cannabis industry without in-depth knowledge of its unique challenges, you will struggle to succeed now, and you’ll have to fight for survival when the industry really takes off.

The Solution

The McCurdy Group exists to help cannabis entrepreneurs create a business model that’s efficient, streamlined, compliant, and profitable. Our many years of  experience in the cannabis industry, throughout the US, positions us perfectly to help you build the company you dreamed of when you first thought of starting a cannabis business.

Navigating the cannabis industry without significant industry knowledge is like skydiving solo without any instruction. Running a prosperous business is difficult enough on its own, without the unique ins and outs of a cannabis business creating additional challenges. We’re here to guide you throughout the process, from application to opening your first dispensary, and beyond.

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