Money Management & Finances

One of the challenges of being in the cannabis industry (at least for now) is with banking. Because of the federal status of marijuana, most banks won't allow anyone operating a cannabis business to open an account. However, there are specific work-arounds that we’ve found after years of experience. We’ll present options that will allow your business to operate efficiently, even with the restrictions inherent in this industry.

Whether you can establish a bank account, or you operate as an all-cash business, you need proper cash controls. We’ll set up a cash management program that covers every dollar you touch. From being accepted to being spent or deposited in an account, you'll always know what's happening with your money. With our system, every penny is accounted for and shrink (due to theft or errors) is kept to a bare minimum.

Beyond basic cash controls, we’re able to set up your entire finance and accounting department. Our in-house CFO has over 20 years of finance experience. He will guide you through creating processes and procedures that will ensure your money is being handled properly. And he'll maximize every dollar's benefit to your business.